We are a company that installs and maintains plumbing systems, but that doesn’t mean we won’t help you for free. We love when we have work, but giving you tips on how to prevent failures in plumbing systems is something we are glad to do. Seeing people waste money on constant repairs just because they don’t know some tricks in maintaining plumbing elements isn’t something we like. This post will cover some basic tips that will help you keep the plumbing system in check and prevent unnecessary breakdowns that will siphon the money out of your pocket.
Do note that you still have to pay to professionals to maintain your plumbing system. Regular maintenance will uncover major faults that may lead to total failure.

What to check to prevent major failures

bathroomWhen it comes to plumbing, there are three service areas that are the kitchen, bathroom and sewer and septic system. All of them require some love and care if you want to prevent failures and save money.
Let’s start with the kitchen as it is the most used part of the house. You should check for leaks now and then because the couplings may give up due to the constant use. A leak can happen in multiple places including sink accessories, strainers, and faucet. If you notice moist areas, then you should call a plumber because it’s better to prevent further damages by appropriate reaction than to wait for the water to cause more damage.
Sink drain and garbage disposal can also cause leaks, and you should maintain them as much as you can. Clean the drain every week, and that will prevent the buildup of garbage that might cause the overflow. Waste disposal is susceptible to leaks that are hard to spot. Check it often and watch for moist areas as they are the early sign that a garbage disposal is developing a leak.

Tips for maintaining bathroom and sewer system

Bathroom maintenance is similar to the maintenance of the kitchen as faucets and drains are the central focus of the maintenance. Faucets are susceptible to leaks, and you should check them every week or so. Toilets can also cause problems as their parts tend to wear out. If the toilet is leaking, then you should hire someone to check it. The leak can be resulting from some small part that wore out or some bigger malfunction that could cost you a lot.
There isn’t a good way to check sewer and septic systems without a qualified technician. And that is a problem because these systems can cause monetary damages that come near four digits. Septic system is built to be durable, and thus you don’t have to hire technicians to check it on the weekly or monthly basis. A twice-a-year check is all you need to keep the septic system safe from failures. You can maintain sewer system through several stoppages you should check on regular basis. If you notice any inconsistencies, then it’s the right moment to call us, or other plumbing company to check it.

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